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Jet Filter

Jet filters are used for preventing dust particle discharge to atmosphere in Flour and bait industries together with other industries where particle and dust exist and are transported with air.

They are mostly working under negative pressure. Material particle and dust carried with the suction supplied by negative pressure source is transferred in the filter bag compartment to leave their loads on these fabric filter bags. In order to eliminate the risc of filtering bags' blocking and to keep filtration efficiency constant an electronic controlled timer directs positive pressure supplied from external positive pressure source with the aid of solenoid valves. This process periodically cleans the filter bags by an action of shaking.

The capacity of Jet Filters are chosen according to the size of the process, specifications and concentrations of the particle to be filtered.

Some major industry branches where Jet Filters are used can be listed briefly:


Filtration Surface Area





SMFM 26 11,5 m² 545 kg 865 kg 8.2 m³
SMFM 39 25 m² 995 kg 1.465 kg 15.1 m³
SMFM 52 33,5 m² 1.100 kg  1.620 kg  17.5 m³ 
SMFM 78 33,3 m² 1.240 kg  1.790 kg  19.2 m³ 
SMFM 104 44,7 m² 1.365 kg  1.975 kg  22.4 m³